We’ve discussed and trashed this idea many times before, in different shapes and forms. The truth is, the vaping industry needs something different. There are more than enough shops across the world to serve the rapidly growing amount of vapers out there, but sadly they all have one thing in common: Business. And business is booming.

Anyone who has taken the time to search for vape gear online would have noticed that there is a vast difference in the online prices from the beginning of the production chain, and that we see in the local vape shops. When mentioning this, they all pitch the same old tired stories… salaries… rent… and the reality is that the average vaper does not give any measurable degree of a shit about any of those things. While any person with an IQ above room temperature can grasp the general modus operandi of the business world, that does not excuse exorbitant profit margins, nor the dirty looks you get when you mention cheaper alternatives in public. These businesses rely on the public’s lack of information on the subject to keep them coming back, and the reality is that vaping is NOT expensive.

Our aim is to inform, and teach, and enable the men and women who rely on vape outlets to make informed decisions, to minimize dependence on vape outlets for vaping consumables and hopefully in the process enable more people to convert to vaping by making it affordable.

This is the vaping revolution. The liberation through information. This is Open Source Vaping.