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Payments & Purchases


  • All card payments on this site are made possible by a registered secure third party payments processor named PayFast, which is used by numerous large and successful local online retailers like Takealot, South Africa’s biggest current online retailer.
  • All mobile payments on this site are made possible by a registered secure third party mobile payments processor named SnapScan, which is the fastest growing processor of it’s kind in South Africa and currently widely accepted at local merchants
  • Purchases or payments made on this site do not necessarily constitute the sale of any tangible item to the payer. Where indicated, the payment gateway is used as a virtual Point-Of-Sale system to facilitate card payments for items handed over in person either before or after payment. By making use of this gateway, the user understands and agrees this concept.
  • While payments made via the store checkout process captures trackable user and order information which can be used to reference the payment at a later stage, payments made via the ad-hoc payment gateway have no user- or order tracking mechanisms and should only be used when prompted to do so.


  • In the event that an amount is paid to Martipedia in error using this gateway, the user should contact the webmaster immediately via the contact page or alternatively by sending an email directly to info@martipedia.org. This should be done within 48 hours of making the payment.
  • Reversals will only be performed on payments that have cleared. This process can take up to seven (7) working days.


  • Martipedia is a reseller, and does not manufacture or take responsibility for any of the products sold in the online store. While returns will be facilitated by Martipedia, the processes, warranties and ability to return or refund items relies solely on that of the manufacturer and/or supplier.
  • Where indicated, some items are import items for which no local stock is held. In these cases, the order is placed with the international supplier as soon as an order and payment is received via the online store. The availability of these items will be subject to international shipping and will only be delivered locally within 1-3 months from the date of payment.


  • Where delivery is selected, all local and international delivery will be facilitated by Freight Innovations door-to-door couriers.